Collecting your Motorhome

Advice on collecting your hire motorhome

We appreciate a lot of planing and preparation before collecting your hire motorhome will have gone into your motorhome holiday and you will be keen to get going. When you come to collect your motorhome try and be patient and listen to the advice on offer and dont forget to ask questions.  We recommend you need to allow at least an hour for the rental company to go through how everything works inside the motorhome.

What you need to ask before you hire a motorhome

Before you collect the motorhome ensure –

  1. You have your drivers license with you
  2. The DVLA summary (remember its only valid for 21 days so check its in date)
  3. Proof of your address
  4. A method of paying damage deposit

Failure to have the correct documentation as stipulated by the rental company could result in you not being allowed to hire the motrohome and loss of your full rental fee.

collecting your hire motorhome

Don’t forget your drivers licence .


Inside the motorhome

There is a lot of information to take in but good rental company’s should make time to show you where everything is kept and how to use the appliances on board.  Don’t be frightened to ask questions.  Make sure you understand and feel confident with everything before you leave the depot.  Don’t forget to ask if there is someone who you can telephone should you need support.

collecting your hire motorhome

Double check how everything works

Things you need to know about before you leave with the motorhome-

  1. Where the gas cupboard is and know how to change the gas bottles or how to top up if its an LPG system
  2. If its a diesel or petrol engine remember and which side the tank is on .
  3. Where to top up with fresh water and be sure not to mix up fresh water and Diesel.
  4. How to empty the chemical toilet and where to find spare toilet chemical.
  5. Where to connect the motorhome to mains electric.

Before collecting your hire motorhome, Double check –

  1. You have roadside assistance and what you do in the event of a breakdown or an accident.
  2. If there is a tool box on board for anything that might need secured.
  3. The height of the motorhome just encase you come across any low bridges.
  4. You understand how to use the control panel for putting on heating and hot water and checking power levels.

Check for damages inside and outside the motorhome-

Before collecting your hire Motorhome ,Make sure you walk round the vehicle and inspect it for any damages and ensure they are marked down on your damages sheet to avoid any issues when you come to return the vehicle, don’t forget the inside of the motorhome .


When you return the motorhome, most companies like –

  1. A full tank fuel when you return it.
  2. The appliance’s and bathroom to be clean on return.
  3. The LPG gas bottles topped up.
  4. Chemical toilet to be empty and fully rinsed with no debris present.

Most importantly read your rental contract.  If your unhappy speak with the rental company before you leave the depot with the motorhome.

collecting your hire motorhome

Enjoy the motorhome and the freedom it offers



wild camping motorhome scotland

 Need help with wild camping  motorhome Scotland.

Wild camping motorhome Scotland …. One of the great joys of motorhoming compared to a caravan is the freedom and being self-sufficient.  A Motorhome allows you to park up and stay overnight almost anywhere you want. Wild camping camping is for free and is away from a formal and  managed campsites.

Is wild camping motorhome Scotland allowed or even legal ?

wild camping motorhome scotland

Great overnight spot

Wild camping in Scotland as in the rest of the Uk is generally accepted  . But only providing motorhomes park up in a remote spots away from the front of houses so not to spoil their views.

Signs of tension are now increasing in many areas. Please be very considerate do not park up in front of someones picture window with  views out to sea. Please dont park up in front of a farmers gate blocking his access . Dont park up right next to a busy roadway. Wild camping is also about low visibility and not annoying the local residents . Apart from that its often difficult to sleep with the noise and the wind buffeting the van when lorries go past. We suggest that not to wild camp near campsites as this just annoys the owner and creates tension.

wild camping motorhome scotland

Overnight in the mountains

Some places where wild camping motorhome scotland is not allowed.

Some  islands such as Colonsay and Tiree don’t allow  motorhomes  on the islands now.  This is because they do not have the facilities to cope.  The local council made this decision based on the number of motorhomes who dumped waste water and toilet waste on the ground. So the few have spoilt it for the many yet again.

wild camping motorhome scotland

overnight by the beach

Other areas such as the west beach at St Andrews have also introduced laws to stop motorhomes  from stopping overnight. This is a real blow to us as we used to love to overnight there on occasions.

However we did notice some people using it for holidays and staying for  weeks at a time. With awning out , windbreaks and general mess around so its hardly surprising the council have stepped in. It was concerning the local residents the amount of motorhomes parking up overnight. Which created a visual eyesore sometimes blocking roads and entrances in turn putting pressure on public toilet facilities.

There have been  issues with wild camping in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park recently. So much that it has led to the National Park Authority introducing temporary byelaws and a permit system. So now  in order to camp in the new camping management zones between March and October each year it will cost £3.00 for a ticket to park overnight.  These camping management zones cover the most popular loch side locations.  In Glen Etive the  owner of the land has provided a designated campsite at the foot of the Glen beside Loch Etive in an attempt to reduce littering from informal wild camping down the 12 mile length of the Glen.

Driving motorhome on single track roads






Before you hire a motorhome , Things to check out.

Once you have found the right motorhome hire company and you have read the reviews and found the perfect motorhome. You need to find out whats included in your rental agreement before you sign the rental agreement to avoid any nasty unexpected bills or hire charges.

Things to check out before you hire a motorhome

  • Certain insurance companies have age limitations. So if your under 25 or over 75 years old you must check they can provide insurance and at what cost, you might find you will be required to put down a larger security deposit.
  • If you are adding a second driver – check what the supplement cost will be most companies only include one driver in the package.
  • Before you hire a motorhome . Double check what the insurance covers. As you will probably find it covers the motorhome and not your belongings. You may need to consider taking out travel insurance for your personal belongings.

    before you hire a motorhome

    Outdoor equipment

  • Check if there is someone you can contact when you are out away with the motorhome. Should you need help working something or you have any problems. Double check its not just mon-fri and 9-5! because at the end of the day problems can occur at any time.
  • Find out about breakdown cover and who its with especially if you are hiring an older motorhome.
  • Before you hire a motorhome , Check there is no mileage limitations or places you can’t travel with the motorhomes, additional mileage costs can soon add up.
  • Check whats included in the package so you know what you need to pack i.e bedding, bbq, outdoor table and chairs, theses can be costly to hire or buy.

    Before you hire a motorhome

    Bedding pack

  • Ask for a copy of your rental agreement and read through it thoroughly before signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Check what documentation you will require when you collect the motorhome and double check you have everything.

A Class motorhomes

Details Of  A Class Motorhomes.

A Class motorhomes have very large front windows and  high seats in the cab area. Possibly you may be required to make some fine-tuning on your driving position compared to other types of vehicles.  You will be presented with a great view of the road ahead of you.

A Class Motorhomes

External Photo

And what is more, because of the bigger space that most of  the A Class motorhomes can offer, you should never have the feeling of being claustrophobic most especially when  motorhome  is parked up for the evening.

The windscreen is a very large curved glass screen which gives a very good all round  view. However  bear in mind that the replacement costs are normally very high . Remember to check your insurance policy regarding excess amount for windscreen replacement.

A Class Motorhomes


About A Class Motorhomes Safety.

However if there is one thing about the Class A motorhome the need to check  if it really ensures passenger safety. It is commonly known that many of this type of motorhomes are manufactured using  materials such as aluminium and fibreglass.  These materials are not so strong as steel. In some cases its not sure if the front cabs are strong enough to hold or anchor seat belts since there are a number of lap belts fixed to the seats. Consider that this will protect passengers should there be a heavy crash. Please also bear in mind that A Class motorhomes normally do not contain any airbags whatsoever.

A Class motorhomes

Large Internal

A Class Motorhomes. engine types

The A Class Motorhomes are all mostly diesel engines these days and most manufacturers will give you an option on the size of engine. Normally the will offer 150 brake horse power engines up to 180 brake horse power.  As everyone knows, diesels are more expensive to purchase, offering more durability, and better fuel economy compared to petrol engines.

Motorhome Holiday packing tips

When booking your motorhome holiday with Scottish Tourer Motorhome hire, you will find everything is included in the price apart from your bedding as you have the option to hire or bring your own.

We advise all our customers to pack lightly and as if they were staying in a hotel because everything is in the Motorhome from a first aid kit to washing up liquid.

Before you pack for your Motorhome Holiday

Check you have all the documents you need as forgetting something may mean you can’t drive off with the Motorhome.

Avoid taking hard bodied suitcases the soft bodied or collapsible ones will store away easier.

Please ask if you can leave them at the depot, space is limited in the Motorhome.

Plan to pack straight into the Motorhome this will save the need to find storage for your bulky suitcase and leave the suitcase in the boot of your car.

Check what is included in the Motorhome itinerary so you pack only what you need – remember you have to unpack everything again.

Consider what bedding you require and  if you need to make your bed up at night.

Be aware sleeping bags will save a lot of space in this instance as duvets are bulky to store.

Motorhome Holiday

Skye motorhome bed made up

Things to Consider for your motorhome holiday

Although you will probably find the Motorhome fully equipped with crockery, pots and pans etc.

You will probably need to bring washing up liquid and tea towels.

Things such as tin foil and sandwich bags are also useful for storing things away.

Consider what extras might come in useful like a bbq or picnic table.

Also consider chairs for eating outside or bicycle hire for getting around.

Scotland is known for its unpredictable weather so don’t forget your waterproofs.

Also remember your sun-cream, a bottle of midget repellent might be worth investment to.


Motorhome Holiday

Enjoying the sunshine with your motorhome

Bringing DVD’s, board games or a pack of cards will help keep everyone amused at night or if the weather is poor.  

Motorhome Holiday

Enjoying family time in the motorohome

A basic motorhome first aid kit with dry dressings, sticky plaster and some paracetamol.

The nearest A&E department may be a few miles drive.

A torch can come in handy for walking about at night or just visiting the toilet before bed.

When buying groceries remember space is limited and the motorhome does not have a large family sized fridge.

Best to think about what your buying and try and remember every village and town usually has a grocery store or butcher where you can buy the essentials.

Motorohome fridge

Islay Motorhome fridge





These are just a few tips about packing when going away on a Motorhome holiday adventure jut don’t forget your camera to capture the memories.


Motorhome Layouts- help to getting it right

There is such a wide variety of motorhome layouts to choose from and getting the one that best suits your needs is important.  Here are some of our suggestions to consider whilst trying to choose the layout that best suit you.


Know about Size of the motorhome and Your Limitations.

  • Check your driving licence to find out what weight of vehicle you can legally drive. Furthermore  consider where to you intended to keep the motorhome and does it fit in your drive?.
  • Also consider hat size of motorhome do you feel most comfortable driving therefore you will not tire so quickly.
Motorhome Layouts

Swift Bessacar Motorhome

Consider the uses of the motorhome – Motorhome Layouts

  • How many people are likely to be away in the motorhome.
  • do you intend to use if for long trips at home and/or abroad.
  • will friends and family be using it to stay in with you or likely to visit you.
  • Do you require garage space and how much as this will impact the internal layout.
 Motorhome layouts

Skye motorhome layout

Consider sleeping arrangments – Motorhome Layouts.


  • Motorhomes with fixed beds tend to be the most comfortable for sleeping and your bed is always made up and ready to go.
  • overcab beds will have restricted headroom and you will need to consider using a ladder to gain access.
  • beds that need made up at night will impact on your evening and morning routines and take up storage space for bulky bedding.
  • consider ease of getting up through the night i.e do you have to climb over your partner.
Motorhome Layouts

Bessacar  Motorhome Bedroom

The Bathroom – Motorhome Layouts

  • Consider stand alone shower over a wet room
  • Ensuring there is enough space to stand and shower easily
  • Think about getting dried and dressed
  • Think about storage for toiletries and towels

The Kitchen and its facilities.

  • Consider and maybe think about how you would use the kitchen area and does it match your up to your expectations.
  • Have you got all the appliances you require, oven/fridge/microwave.
  • Consider if there enough space to prepare and serve food.
  • Also check if there adequate storage space.
Motorhome layouts

Motorhome Lounge area

Your Lounge area and how this will best work for you –

  • Does the lounge have ability to sit round the table for meals or boards games and will the table double up to make a bed. Also consider if is it comfortable to relax in and will the chairs still swivel  round.

Knowing the answer to the above questions will help you make an informed choice to which motorhome you can realistically manage. Thinking about how you intend on using  the motorhome and your expectations of living in it will help you in choosing the motorhome that will suit your needs and provide you with that home from home experience.

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Driving motorhome on single track roads


When driving motorhome on single track roads .The west coast of Scotland has many a single track road and when driving a larger vehicle like a motorhome it is worth bearing in mind the rules for driving a road with passing places.

A few rules, most of them golden.

Rule 1 –

When driving motorhome on single track roads and approaching a car and it is clear that you are going to arrive in a passing place first  or just ahead of the oncoming vehicle here’s what to do…. IF the bay or passing place is on the right PLEASE stop opposite it. DO NOT suddenly wrench your vehicle across the road into it.  Obviously if the passing place is on the left then you get into it – Remember we drive on the Left


Rule 2

Do not hold up a vehicle coming up behind you.

Pull into the next passing point and let them past. It is ok to allow yourself to wonder why anyone would want to drive as fast as that when there is all this scenery to look at but remember not everyone is on holiday and it may be a local going about their daily work.

driving a motorhome on single track roads

Using a passing place to allow overtaking

Rule 3

When driving motorhome on single track roads Give a friendly wave –  You may find it frustrating if the other driver does not wave back. But most people are good at waving a friendly thank you.

driving a motorhome on single track roads

bealach na ba to applecross

Rule 4

Passing places are not for parking.

They are to allow passing so no stopping to take photos or have a picnic.

And remember don’t go to fast not only will you miss the fabulous scenery that’s on offer but a lot of the roads are winding and have many a blind bend – so go canny and enjoy the drive.

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